dactl is a fast, modern and configurable Jekyll theme with some tricks up it’s sleeve. It has a live theme switcher and it’s main blog layout display prominent hero images for posts with colored overlays and nice animations.


Though minimalistic-looking by nature, dactl is easily configurable and includes quite a lot of niceties:

Main features:

  • Customizable blog layout - choose how your posts will be displayed
  • Light/Dark live theme switcher
  • Inline footnotes using Barefoot
  • IcoMoon custom icon set (~4kb)
  • Typography and components size set in rem and em which makes them easily scalable
  • Responsive design

Jekyll-specific features:

  • Pagination (default: 5 posts per page)
  • Fully compatible with Jekyll 3.x and GitHub Pages
  • SEO optimized
  • Google Analytics support
  • Disqus comments support
  • Syntax highlighter using Rouge with numbered code lines

Other features:

  • Archive page
  • About page
  • Tags functionality and tags pages
  • Link posts functionality

Some of the features listed above can be easily configured or disabled by you.

[![dactl live preview][2]][1] [1]: https://melangue.github.io/dactl/ [2]: https://github.com/melangue/dactl/blob/master/uploads/screenshot_desktop_light.jpg?raw=true

[![dactl live preview][3]][1] [1]: https://melangue.github.io/dactl [3]: https://github.com/melangue/dactl/blob/master/uploads/screenshot_desktop_dark.jpg?raw=true