Simple and easy

That’s how we would describe working with docster.

We first created it, when we needed an index file for a theme documentation. jekyll offered collections which made the organization into smaller chunks of documentation optimal. Especially because the collections did not generate outputs for themselves.

This theme was created to generate an organized output. It does not require any plugins, which means you can host on GitHub without much effort.


  • Nice syntax highlighting
  • dynamic multi-level navigation
  • Sass stylesheets


We don’t believe in delivering Code without explanation. Especially not for a documentation theme. So the Demo doubles as the documentation for Docster, that should help you set up your own docs without any problems.

Feedback, Wishes, Problems

If you run into any trouble or have a request please do so by opening up an issue on the theme’s GitHub page. If you just want to give us a general feedback feel free to contact us!